Your hosts Patsy & Stewart

We fell in love with the French countryside and it’s people on family holidays and always said we wanted to move out here once our children had left home. We took the plunge and bought the property we now live in in 2006 and moved out here after retiring in 2011.

Well we say we retired in 2011 but in reality we have been working just as hard turning a disused barn into a home for us and the Gite for guests.

We originally came from a little place called St Bees, right on the NW coast. We picked the Limousin because it has the beauty of the Lake District but much better weather!

Patsy is learning watercolour painting and is a member of a local choir. Stewart, having always been into motorbikes, has two he is restoring and is the go-to- guy if you need your ride-on lawnmower fixed which keeps him out of mischief now the restoration of the barn is finished!